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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know my data is secure?

    iCareWEB runs in a secure environment using the very latest 128-Bit SSL encryption on every page. The web servers themselves are hosted in a state-of-the-art data-warehouse behind hardware and software firewalls patched up to the minute. You get your very own Microsoft SQL Server database separate from any other customer data which is automatically backed up every night.

    Secure Environment

    How are you able to offer this service so cheap?

    iCareWEB’s entire business model is fundamentally different from the existing traditional approach. We have significantly reduced our administration costs by moving to an internet model, and we have kept these costs low by not hiring lots of sales staff or sponsoring countless industry events. We use on-line collaboration software to provide targeted staff training. The net result is by far the lowest hosted solution available, and we believe overall the most attractive package on the market.

    Web based

    How do I know you won’t greatly inflate your prices one day after I’ve entered all my data?

    With no minimum contract period and the ability to download your entire database, you are free to move to another software product and supplier at any time. Our business is based on customer satisfaction and retention so inflating our prices is not an option.

    Set price

    What if iCareWeb goes out of business?

    Rather than try to assure just how that is not going to happen, we have included a complete ‘peace-of-mind’ option called ‘MyLocalBackup’. Simply put, this is a utility allowing you to copy down your entire database whenever you like. It provides you with 2 versions of your database, the raw SQL version in it’s entirety which you can use to re-create your whole database, as well as a csv version which allows you to see all of your data via a simple program such as Microsoft Excel or Access.



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